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  • How Color Saves Time and Money When Shopping for Clothes

    I have no shame in admitting that I’m a Goodwill shopper. As a single mom looking for deals, I have found all sorts of wonderful things there for my home, my son, and for myself. In fact, I recently was able to come home from the local Goodwill with more than a dozen items (mostly […]

  • Style Hacks: 4 Techniques to Make Your Button-Down Look Less Boring

    Ah, the collared, button-down blouse. Almost all of us own one. But quite frankly, it can end up looking pretty “meh” on us ladies. So why is that, anyway? Echoing the look of menswear, button-down shirts are often cut very straight. Not the greatest look for a shapely silhouette. The long sleeves add a lot […]

  • Look Cute at Your Next Cookout in 3 Easy Steps

    Warmer weather calls for outdoor gatherings, reconnecting with family and friends, and celebrating – whether it’s a holiday, or simply spending some time outside. And that means a change in our wardrobes, too – trading all those layers for outfits that are lighter, a little brighter, and that function well for spring and summer. How […]

  • 4 Things to Purge from Your Closet Right Now

    Every so often, I’ll “be my own image consultant” and conduct my own special closet audit at home. This is my chance to do very much what I do with my clients: take an honest look at everything in my wardrobe, get rid of the stuff that’s no longer serving me, and leave a little […]

  • How to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Feel Confident Every Day

    We’ve heard the term “imposter syndrome” a lot in recent years. We as women are starting to understand how the intimidation we feel – especially in the workplace (but also at times in social situations) – can impose self-limiting beliefs and prevent us from finding the success we could experience. So what IS imposter syndrome? […]

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