4 Things to Purge from Your Closet Right Now

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Every so often, I’ll “be my own image consultant” and conduct my own special closet audit at home. This is my chance to do very much what I do with my clients: take an honest look at everything in my wardrobe, get rid of the stuff that’s no longer serving me, and leave a little breathing room. (Or room for new, shiny things, as they come my way!)

Beating Closet Overwhelm

Are you feeling like a closet audit is something that’s perpetually on your to-do list? Maybe you’re having a hard time letting go of some of your clothing. Maybe it’s overwhelming to even know where to begin! Here’s what I suggest…

Take a look at your clothing items, one by one, and really be honest with yourself about if they are serving you well, in the present moment. It’s all about mindfulness these days.

So how do we know if a clothing item is no longer serving us? Here are four deal-breakers you need to know before you clean out that closet…

4 Wardrobe Deal-Breakers

  1. Clothes that don’t fit. And I mean REALLY fit. I have owned ill-fitting items that I could’ve kinda-sorta pulled off, if I had to. But you DON’T HAVE TO. There are plenty of better choices out there. So rid yourself of those pants that are cutting into your skin, dresses that are hanging off your body (the ones that are supposed to hug it), and too-short sleeves, and find the pieces that flatter your body best.
  2. Clothes that don’t tell our stories. Our clothing speaks volumes about us. What kind of story do you want to tell about yourself? And by the way, your style personality can change over the years! I know mine has gone through an evolution or two, so it’s smart to assess and go through an update now and then. When our clothing fits our personalities, it becomes exciting to wear! (RELATED POST: “Beating Imposter Syndrome and Feeling Confident Every Day“)
  3. Clothes in unflattering colors. One of the biggest value-adds I provide my clients is my color assessment service. This gives us a solid foundation on which to build your new wardrobe, and is key in building capsule wardrobes, too. When clothing colors don’t suit us, they can make us look tired, sick, and just downright sad!
  4. Clothes that make us unwell. I’m not even joking. For example, for me, certain fibers – like wool and angora fur – make my skin itch like crazy, due to my struggle with dermatographia. If something is making you itch, constricting your movement or circulation, or just makes you feel bad, remember – there are BETTER choices out there!

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