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  • Style Hacks: 4 Techniques to Make Your Button-Down Look Less Boring

    Ah, the collared, button-down blouse. Almost all of us own one. But quite frankly, it can end up looking pretty “meh” on us ladies. So why is that, anyway? Echoing the look of menswear, button-down shirts are often cut very straight. Not the greatest look for a shapely silhouette. The long sleeves add a lot […]

  • 4 Things to Purge from Your Closet Right Now

    Every so often, I’ll “be my own image consultant” and conduct my own special closet audit at home. This is my chance to do very much what I do with my clients: take an honest look at everything in my wardrobe, get rid of the stuff that’s no longer serving me, and leave a little […]